For our Weihnachtsfeier (roughly translated: office Christmas party), we headed off to Cologne for a day to visit a former colleague of ours and to explore the city.

I’ve always been meaning to visit Cologne and I was very glad we were going there as a team. I’ve also missed K dearly, a fellow designer who moved to Cologne, and I was really excited to see her again.

The day started off with a delicious brunch from Herr Pimock.

Herr Pimock
Aachener Str. 52,
50674 Köln

Then we moved on to Walther König, a bookstore which specializes in books in art & culture. Even though we have a branch in Frankfurt, I’ve always wanted to visit the headquarters in Cologne and it didn’t disappoint.

Walther König
Ehrenstraße 4,
50672 Köln

The absolute highlight of this trip was visiting Kolumba, an art museum with religious art. The architecture was stunning, with its mix of old and new. The interior is a minimalist’s dream.

Kolumbastraße 4,
50667 Köln

All in all, it was a very memorable trip, and a nice way to end the year.

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