City Icons

SAP Customer Experience
City Icons for Global Campaigns

To promote various international campaigns for SAP, a series of icons reflecting the cities where the events were taking place in were illustrated. These icons were used as key visuals for digital and print promotion.


North & South America

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Minneapolis, MN

Newtown Square, PA

New York, NY

Palo Alto, CA

Plano, TX

San Francisco, CA

Montreal, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Bogota, Colombia

Mexico City, Mexico

Santiago, Chile

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Europe & Middle East

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Basel, Switzerland

Brussels, Belgium

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dubai, UAE

Dusseldorf, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

London, England

Madrid, Spain

Milan, Italy

Munich, Germany

Moscow, Russia

Paris, France

Stockholm, Sweden

Vienna, Austria

Warsaw, Poland


Asia & Asia Pacific

Beijing, China

Hong Kong, China

Huairou, China

Itsukushima, Japan

Melbourne, Australia

Mumbai, India

New Delhi, India

Seoul, Korea


Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan


/ Elizabeth Binder (Illustration)
/ Lianne Bdour (Illustration)
/ Alexandra Oriol (Illustration)

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